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A large part of the role of the Australian Rainbow Vets and Allies is advocacy of LGBTQIA+ veterinary professionals in the industry and wider communities. 

In 2022, ARVA initiated corporate sponsorships for the first time. This initiative was received with an overwhelmingly positive response, which triggered many discussions around Inclusion and Diversity within some of the Australian vet industry's biggest players.

ARVA were one of the first global co-signatories of the Gender Identity Bill of Rights (GIBoR).

What is the Gender Identity Bill Of Rights in the veterinary workplace (GIBOR)?

GIBoR is a document of 12 basic rights for trans and gender diverse people in the veterinary workplace. If you have any trans or gender diverse people in your workplace or if you WANT to have trans and gender diverse people in your workplace then you NEED to know about the GIBoR.


Join us at TVK Summit 2023 where one of the international reviewers, Dr Kate Toyer, will go outline why the GIBoR is vital not only to trans and gender diverse people, but to the veterinary industry generally if we are going to be truly diverse and inclusive.

Dr Kate Toyer
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