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The ARVA Support Network is not just about pairing old farts with new hearts; every journey is unique and our core team are able to pair the strengths of our many diverse mentors to the needs of equally diverse mentees!

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Our Facebook pages, Australian Rainbow Vets and Allies and Australian Rainbow Vets (LGBTQIA+ only), are a safe space in which veterinary industry professionals can discuss anything close to their heart, or share advocacy photos like Beau the Greyhound at Mardi Gras (left).

Forums such as our moderated Facebook pages are important for Rainbow vets and Allies, creating an environment for sharing, engaging and resonating with diverse experiences.


ARVA seeks to nurture and develop the newest interested members into confident contributors to the organisation. 

The future of LGBTQIA+ veterinary professionals and their allies is looking very bright!

ARVA Mentoring
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